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Junior high teacher Brian Martin works with students in his science class.

Innovation in the classroom

Valley Middle School of STEM has partnered with BTD (out of Lakeville) to assemble our very own fabrication lab, or Fab Lab. Our Fab Labs allow students and projects to be shared and nurtures creativity.

Our current lab consists of:

  • Two computer-controlled laser-cutters for: press-fit assembly of 3-D structures from 2-D parts, engraving on materials and vector cutting;
  • Three vinyl cutters: for making various masks and adhesive applications
  • A larger (4'x8') numerically-controlled milling machine for making furniture- and house-sized parts, engraving and cutting wood and other materials;
  • Eight 3-D Printers for creating prototypes and testing designs before they make it to the production environment, and
  • One 3-D replicator/scanner and one handheld scanner.
Valley Middle School of STEM Fab Lab